9 Easy, Effective Methods for Teaching Color

Teaching color

Teaching Colors to Toddlers?

Wonderful. This can be an easy process. You don’t have to be a teacher either. The process of teaching color is fairly simple.

How do you get started?

First, there is one important thing to keep in mind. That is – children are all different from one another. Do not waste your time comparing your child with another, and do not be concerned that one child is learning faster than another. It will drive you crazy and it’s not worth it. I have twins and my boy Reece was able to say the alphabet before he turned 2. My girl, Heidi, only showed interest a year later. But, she could say sentences before him. So don’t agonize over any of it – they learn at their own pace.

Second, their attention span is really short, so when you teach toddlers anything, you’ve got to make it quick and fun.

Third, do not test your toddlers until you’re done teaching them. It can be demotivating for you, and them.

Fourth, when teaching color, be aware that receptive language comes before expressive language. That means, they will likely be able to point out the colors for you, but not be able to name them. Instead, ask them to pick up all the red pieces. If they seem unsure, show them. They’ll catch on.

Finally – this may be obvious but when you’re teaching color, stick to the main colors first, like red, blue, green, yellow, black, white. Once they get the hang of it, add the rest.

I’ve compiled a list of 9 Easy things that you can do. I recommend that you scroll all the way down to the bottom because I saved our favorites for last.

So to start teaching color to toddlers…

  1. Start wherever your child is now. If your child is calling everything red, then red is a good place to start. Do not start with the entire color range because that will be confusing and frustrating. Take some time naming everything that is red. The next week, go with the next color and work your way through the primary colors.
  2. Once you’ve gone through all the colors, compare similar items. “Look at the yellow car, look at the blue car, and the red car.” According to the experts, it’s easier for toddlers to distinguish things when they are similar.
  3. Make learning colors part of your play. Toddlers learn best by touching and feeling things – use that to learn while they play. As you’re teaching color, bring out the puzzles and blocks and dominoes, and name the items along with their colors, as you play. A set like the one in the picture is perfect because your child can learn colors, sorting, and counting. This particular set is also a wooden set, so it’s super durable. Use coupon code F3GTH5U8 when shopping at Amazon to get 10% off.Color sorting toys for teaching color
  4. As you talk to your toddler, label everything. “What apple do you want? A green apple or a red apple?”
  5. Do fun, creative activities that involve colors. There are a lot of things you can do, that won’t cost you anything either. Pinterest is one excellent resource for creative play. Here is a great pinterest board, titled “Learning Colors“. It is vast and expansive and will be really helpful for you if you like crafts.
  6. Use Apps to learn colors. You can get free color teaching apps, or you can buy apps that teach colors. Even the paid pass are fairly inexpensive.
  7. Use TV to learn colors. There are many great learning programs available. Some are available for free from PBS, and some are on network tv.
  8. Take advantage of free resources. I put together a free downloadable pdf for my children, entitled Learning Colors for Toddlers. I tried to keep it fun by including categories that kids would find interesting and easily recognizable: Foods, Rides, Clothes, Toys, Nature and Home. color activities for preschoolers It took me forever to get the right images, but I thought it was important to get good images, to prevent confusion.
  9. Use YouTube as a learning color resource. Learning Colors For Toddlers has become easy because there are tons of videos on YouTube that you can play as often as you like – and they’re free too. Scroll down towards the bottom, where I’ve got 4 great videos. My children watch these videos over and over again. They love it and they learn a lot from it. We were asking Reece (our two-year-old) what his favorite color was and he said “orangin” – meaning orange. Before I used to feel guilty about putting them in front of the tv. I do still limit their screen time but I don’t feel guilty anymore because I know they’re learning.

Teaching Color to Toddlers – Here is the result

Even a 2 year old toddler, who’s words can barely be recognized, can know her colors.

I hope you enjoyed this post about teaching color.

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