November 11, 2017

Fun Toddler Activities: 19 Popular Animal Sounds to Imitate

Animal Sounds Can Help Kids Talk

According to a pediatric speech-language therapist, Becca Jarzynski, we should absolutely be teaching our kids animal sounds.

Why? Because children like them.

Your toddler may find it really funny when you make animal sounds. You can get them to smile because you are making silly sounds.

Most animal sounds are easy for children to make, and that leads to their first “words.”

Typical sounds like Moo, Neigh, Baa, and Meow are easy and fun sounds to make. They are also powerful ways to help a young child start talking.

As you understand the power of animal sounds, you can integrate them into your day to help your toddler start mooing, too. There are all kinds of things you can do, and it’s fun too.

  • Make the sound when you see an animal.  This can be in a book, tv, coloring books, playing around, or an animal you observe. Dr. Jarzynski says the sillier you make the sound, the better!
  • If you have animal figures at home, you can pair the toys with the sounds you are making. Your little one is likely to imitate you.
  • Animal sounds are present in popular repetitive books, like Goodnight MoonBlue Hat Green Hat, Moo Baa La La La, Brown Bear Brown Bear What do You See, and of course Little Blue Truck.
  • Animal-like sounds are also common in lots of nursery rhymes and songs, like Old MacDonald.

These sounds may not seem like actual words to you, but they are helpful in helping children learn to associate simple sounds with pictures or objects. Because these sounds are easy to say, your little one is more likely to imitate them. Their success in imitating leads to them saying real words.

Dogs go woof

animal sounds dog

Cats go meow

animal sounds cat

Chickens go cluck

animal sounds chicken

Horses go neigh

animal sounds horse

Pigs go oink

animal sounds pig

Doves go coo

animal sounds dove

Monkeys go hoo hoo haa haa

animal sounds monkey

Goats go maa

Animal sounds goat

Frogs go ribbit

animal sounds frog

Turkeys go gobble gobble

animal sounds turkey

Birds to tweet tweet

animal sounds bird

Cows goes moo

animal sounds cow

Sheep go baa

animal sounds sheep

Ducks goes quack

animal sounds duck

Elephants go bahruuhaa

animal sounds elephant

Owls go hoot

animal sounds owl

Dolphins go Eeeheeehee

animal sounds dolphin

Roosters go cock-a-doodle-do

Animal Sounds Rooster

Lions go roar

animal sounds lion

References: Audio sound gathered from Images were gathered from Pixabay and Freepik.

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Gioula Chelten