how to make your own bubble bath
How To Make Your Own Bubble Bath When you think of a bubble bath, you think of luxury and relaxation. But which mom has time for such a thing? None. This is why we’ve got to make time for it! If you’re a frugal mom, you may be thinking that a bubble bath is an […]
easy rice krispie treats with chocolate
Everyone loves Rice Krispie treats. Dipping them in chocolate makes them even better. This is why a Rice Krispie Treat with chocolate is a favorite at parties and baby showers. Rice Krispie treats with chocolate are super easy to make, too! You can make these for a children’s party and dip them in all kinds […]
Be Inspired by Kindness Quotes I took a ton of time to compile these kindness quotes for you because: it is my act of kindness to you and; it was very soothing to read through all of it. I hope it does for you, what it did for me. It’s nice to be important, but […]
tongue twisters for kids
168 English Tongue Twisters For Kids Short tongue twisters for kids are a lot of fun, whether you’re trying to say it, or you’re listening to someone else trying to say it. It can be hilarious! When it comes to linguistic games, there are few things more fun than short tongue twisters. Apart from that, […]
animal sounds
Animal Sounds Can Help Kids Talk According to a pediatric speech-language therapist, Becca Jarzynski, we should absolutely be teaching our kids animal sounds. Why? Because children like them. Your toddler may find it really funny when you make animal sounds. You can get them to smile because you are making silly sounds. Most animal sounds […]
dr seuss books
A Complete List of Dr Suess Books (48) Below is a comprehensive list of Dr. Seuss Books. It is said that Dr Seuss has written more than 60 books. However, not all were illustrated by him. Doctor Seuss Books have a distinct and recognizable style of illustration, and these are the 48 that are listed […]