December 12, 2019

Easy Recipe For You Own Luxurious Bubble Bath

How To Make Your Own Bubble Bath

When you think of a bubble bath, you think of luxury and relaxation.

But which mom has time for such a thing? None. This is why we’ve got to make time for it!

If you’re a frugal mom, you may be thinking that a bubble bath is an expensive luxury. True… if you buy the fancy stuff. False… if you make your own luxurious concoction at a fraction of the cost.

The great thing about making your own fancy bubble bath is that you know exactly what’s inside that bottle. You have no fear of harmful ingredients because you made it yourself.

Also, you can add things that serve YOU. For example, if your skin is dry, you can add ingredients like Frankincense and Geranium to soothe it. If you’re taking a bath right before bed and you’re hoping to sleep well, adding a few drops of chamomile into your bubble bath mix would definitely help.

This recipe makes 1 cup. Adjust accordingly to create as much as you to make your own bubble bath

Easy Homemade Bubble Bath Recipe

For 1 cup of bubble bath, stir the following ingredients together:

Stir your ingredients.

Pour your mixture into a bottle or container. (Because I’m ridiculously frugal, I save pretty glass jars and bottles. You can also get them from Amazon or the Dollar Store.)

Note – Some people add water to their mixture. You can certainly do that but I personally like it concentrated. If you do decide to add water, do not shake the mixture. Instead, stir it.

Note From The Author

As a mom, I know it’s really hard to make time for yourself. Taking a nice bubble bath feels selfish, right?

But do try. Even if you can just get a 10-minute soak, it will do you good.

I try to take a relaxing bath once a week, on a Sunday afternoon. Who would guess that when that bathwater runs, everyone else feels like taking a bath too!

So I do it in secret. I make sure everyone is settled and cannot hear the sound of my running bathwater.

In addition to the bubbles, I also add in Epson salts because that really helps to relax you. I’ve read that it draws out toxins. I cannot speak to that – I just know I feel great when I get out.

I put on my music, light some candles, and get in. I relax and hope no one will realize that I’m gone.