I am small but I know this

I Am Small But I Know This – A Children’s Book About Love and Respect for All

"I am Small But I Know This" is a light and engaging children's book about accepting our neighbors as they are, no matter their race, gender or religion...

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About “I am Small But I Know This”

This is a bright and colorful book about love and respect for all. It’s about accepting others as they are, without prejudice and discrimination.

In this charming book, the main character confidently asserts that no matter the color of our skin, our age, our gender, our economic circumstances – we’re the same. And we’re all important BECAUSE we exist.

I am small but I know this

All our differences we must embrace,

because we are all part of the human race.

The book is written in rhyme, making it more jovial read for little readers.

“I am small but I know this” gently encourages children to live in harmony and accept our neighbors as they are, without prejudice or discrimination. We’re all the same…

Because our blood is the same as it runs through our veins.

Our hearts are the same as it beats to sustain.

I am small but I know this book

“I am small but I know this” is suitable for all ages.

The Inspiration for “I Am Small But I Know This”

I’m a naturalized US citizen, and a native South African. Since Apartheid (South Africa’s version of racial segregation) was abolished in 1994, I spent most of my life in a segregated country.  As such, I feel quite strongly about basic human rights and accepting others.

In our household, I’m reiterating every day, the importance of compassion, understanding and respect for those around us. Not only those who look like us, but everyone. “I am small but I know this” is about respecting one another no matter the color of our skins, the countries of our birth, the language we speak, our religion, our gender, our age. We all deserve the same respect and attention and should be judged by our character. These are the lessons I teach my children daily and my purpose for writing this book.

I am small but I know this by Gioula Chelten

The book also briefly goes into protecting one another from those who aim to bully us or harm us, or tear us apart. I feel that in this day and age, with people feeling more and more separated from one another, we need to consciously try to come together. Why not forget the things that make us different. Instead, let’s give more importance to what makes us the same.

The book was illustrated by Valeriia Koronets, and designed by Eva Po. I think they both did a magnificent job because there is a wonderful flow in the book. Prejudice and discrimination is a very serious topic but I’d like to think that the bright and delightful colors makes our challenges feel more doable.

I hope you will enjoy this book. It was an important one for me to write.



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