November 11, 2017

Why is Reading Important and Why You’ve Got to Start Today

The Importance of Reading Books

Everyone is always talking about the importance of reading, and why is reading important?

1. Reading develops and enhances language skills.

why is it important to read

As you read to your child, they are able to hear and identify sounds. When your child is a little older and is able to recognize letters, they’ll be able to connect the letters with the sounds they hear you speak.

2. Reading develop little brains in a way that it otherwise may not.

The brain is a muscle which also needs exercise – reading is an excellent exercise. The more children read, the better they get at it. When children are introduced to reading at a young age, they usually continue to read as they get older. When that happens, they’re less obsessed with video games, tv, and the internet. It has been proven time and time again that excessive screen time is detrimental to a child’s development.

3. Reading leads to an earlier mastery of language.

Children also grasp the fundamentals of language, which is important as they approach school age.

importance of reading to your child

4. When children are being read to, they develop listening skills.

By simply doing that, their listening skills are enhanced because reading helps us focus on what someone else is communicating. Initially, your toddler may squirm and be unable to focus, but be patient because eventually, they’ll be able to sit down for the duration of the story.

5. Reading is essential to your child’s success in school and life.

Many studies have shown that children who are exposed to reading before preschool are more likely to do well in school. If your little one develops a love of reading, learning will become easier.

6. Reading broadens our horizons.reading programs for kids

When children read, they are introduced to concepts, characters, relationships and new worlds that o far beyond their everyday experiences. Therefore, reading to your children enriches their lives. Their broader worldview also encourages curiosity and an inquiring mind.

7. Reading to your child will develop a stronger relationship with YOU.

This can be an important nurturing activity that can bring you closer together.  Why is reading important? This is a big reason and it’s often overlooked.

8. Reading prepares an important foundation for other life skills.

That’s because learning to read is a sequential process, which means that each new skill builds on a previously learned skill. They start with letter recognition, which leads to words, sentences, paragraphs, and ultimately books. The ability to build on previously learned skills is essential to school and life success. Why is it important to read? This is a big reason.

9. Reading improves hand-eye coordination for little ones.

If your child is reading an ebook or scrolling a child-friendly website, they are clicking backwards and forwards – all the while improving gross motor skills.

benefits of reading to your child

10. Digital reading develops computer skills.

By reading an ebook or from a computer, they are learning valuable computer skills that are essential in school and life.

11. Reading develops logical thinking skills.

When children read, they develop the ability to grasp abstract concepts, recognize cause and effect, apply logic in various scenarios, and utilize good judgement. That’s because they start to relate to what is happening in the books, with what is happening in their own worlds.

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 12. Reading provides good, clean fun and entertainment.

Sure, child-friendly tv is also good, clean and fun, but different parts of the brain are at work when we’re just watching tv. When our children read, they can free up their imagination and open a brand new and exciting world. Using their imagination involves thinking. When they’re watching tv, they’re not thinking, they’re being entertained.

reading books for kids13. Reading offers better communication skills.

Your child witnesses the interactions between the characters in the books you read to them. They figure out cause and effect and they learn the best ways that they themselves should communicate.

14. Reading helps ease anxieties.

New or stressful experiences may be hard to deal with, but books can be very helpful during transitions. For example, if you are expecting a new baby, a book about a new baby may be perfect for helping your child deal with his/her anxiety. Good books help overcome children’s worries by introducing them to characters and situations they can relate to, who have similar anxieties and who find ways to deal with them.

15. Reading enhances concentration, memory retention, analytical skills and comprehension.

Because reading normally takes a while, children have to develop a longer attention span and better memory retention.  This is a great skill for success in school.

why is reading important

There you have it – 15 very compelling reasons why reading is important.

Importance of reading books

Sure, the research and evidence prove why reading is important but I will be the first to admit that it’s hard to read to your child, every day. I think I speak for most when I say that after the day is done, you are so drained and all you want to do is sleep.

But for your child’s development, I think it’s a great idea to commit to at least 3 times per week.

I’m not always successful but I try to do it every night. Not because I’m an overachiever or because I’m trying to be a supermom, but rather because it’s easier to develop the habit of reading to your child if you do it every day. I also recommend that you start with quick, easy to read children’s books.

If budget is an issue, reading books for kids are available for free at your library or online from places like free children stories,  storyjumper and magickeys.

I hope you enjoyed this post and I also hope it helps you. I thought it was an important one to compile because as mothers, we’re raising the leaders of tomorrow. That’s a big responsibility!

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Gioula Chelten