September 09, 2017

Lessons for kids: Colors

Learning Colors Can Be Fun!

Their attention span is really short, so when you teach toddlers anything, you’ve got to make it fun. This is why I spent A TON of time putting the lessons for kids: colors pdf together for my children.

I tried to keep it fun by including categories that kids would find interesting and easily recognizable: Foods, Rides, Clothes, Toys, Nature and Home.

Learning Colors through Food

Learning Colors through Nature

Learning Colors through things in our homes

Learning Colors through Toys

color activities for preschoolers

Learning Colors through the clothes we wear

Learning Colors through our rides

learning colors

It took me forever to get the right images. I thought it was important though, to be clear when teaching anything to toddlers because things could get confusing.

By only keeping like colors together, I thought it would keep it simple for them too.